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Shocking Truths: Common Electrical Issues in Prince George Homes and Safe Solutions

Have you noticed a little spark when plugging in your laptop, or turning on a hairdryer? Did you then forget about it and move on? That's a mistake. The reality is that electrical issues in the home are far more likely than many of us realize. When you see the warning signs, it's important to take remedial action. Read on to learn about the most common home and business electrical issues in Prince George.


Power Surges


An electrical surge is when your home sees a power spike. If that happens, it can damage appliances in your home, like your entertainment system or fridge. Electrical surges often happen because of something beyond our control, like a lightning strike. The best way to manage it is to minimize the impact via surge protectors. These are available for purchase at your local electronics or home improvements store. For a more thorough approach, a surge protector can be installed on your main breaker panel. Professional teams like ours can help advise you on that.


Overloaded Circuits in Your House


Every power source has a maximum capacity. However, it's often easy for home and business owners to connect too many devices to one source, which causes a dangerous system overload. When that happens, it can trip the circuit breakers. If you find this happening frequently, you may need to upgrade your panel system for your electricity. Speak to an electrician at Canuck Mechanical Ltd for professional advice on that.


Old or Poor Wiring


If your home is more then 25 years old, and the wiring has never been updated, it’s a smart idea to check the safety and efficiency of your current electrical system. Old, or poorly installed, wiring can cause problems ranging from circuit breaker trips to more severe hazards like electrical fires. Or you may notice high electricity bills. If you don't know the age of your wiring or when it was last checked, contact us to have an electrician to inspect it. They may advise upgrading it to meet today's more stringent safety standards, giving you a more efficient system that doesn't pose a risk to your home or family.


Faulty Outlets


The areas where you'll most likely have problems with your electricity is in high usage areas such as outlets and switches. This usually indicates an underlying problem. It could be something as simple as a loose connection. Replacing faulty parts is vital as soon as you see there is a problem. Ignoring these issues could put you at risk of an electric shock. It's also a fire hazard.


Problems Caused by DIY Work


A professional electrician should always do any electrical work in your home or business. However, it is possible you've purchased a property where DIY electrical work took place. In these circumstances, you could have an electrical system that's incorrectly installed or upgraded. You won’t know what potential hazards you face without a professional to check the setup. Common DYI issues include outlet parts that don't work and circuit breaker trips.


Electrical Issues in Prince George: Keeping Your Home or Business Safe


Don't leave electrical issues to result in danger to your property. It's crucial for your family, or employees, safety that you address potential problems. Canuck Mechanical Ltd. has experienced, qualified and certified electricians to deal with any electrical issues for your home or business in Prince George. Reach out to us to schedule your electrical inspection today.


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