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10 Signs Your Plumbing System Needs an Urgent Repair


Do you hear a gurgling noise in your pipes when the water is turned off? Do you notice any strange order in your home or that your faucets and sinks are leaking?


If so, it might be time to call a plumber immediately to check for plumbing problems.

If you’re like most homeowners, you might not think about your plumbing system until something goes wrong. Moreover, it’s easy to ignore plumbing problems until an emergency arises. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for in your plumbing system. Whether you recognize these signs of a potential plumbing catastrophe or not, you will be able to recognize if there is a serious problem. Here are ten signs your plumbing system needs an urgent repair.


1. Water Spots on Walls

In Canada, the water wasted from leaky pipes is enough to fill 131,000 Olympic swimming pools.

Visible damage to your walls can signal leaky pipes. Water leaking from the pipes flows into your housing structures and can result in stains and peeling wallpaper.


If you notice spots along your walls or ceiling, call a professional immediately. They will be able to identify the source of the leak and fix it. Especially if you want to avoid costly repairs in the future, get the leaks fixed as soon as possible.


2. Burst Pipes

When pipes crack, they could release up to 200 gallons of water a day. That's enough to flood your basement, wreak havoc on your foundation, or even cause a fire.

If your pipes burst, call for emergency plumbing services. While you wait for the professionals, avoid using your home's water systems.


3. Slow Drainage

Slow draining sinks and showers are a sign of a clog. Clogs form from residue and debris buildups. When the wastewater cannot pass through the clogs, it causes slow drainage.

As DIY products can often damage your pipes, we recommend contacting professionals to unclog your drain lines. An expert will safely dislodge the clog and ensure your drains continue working efficiently.


4. Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is another sign of a plumbing emergency that can cause a lot of damage and chaos, not to mention a huge mess for you to clean up. Find a plumber in Prince George to safely unclog the toilet and get to the root of the problem.

In the meantime, shut off the water supply to the overflowing toilet, and do not try to unclog it yourself.


5. Gas Leaks

If you smell sulphur, you should immediately call your local Prince George plumber to address the issue. Leaking gas lines should be left to professionals who have the protective gear and tools to repair them safely.


Get everyone out of the house and stay out until a professional confirms it is safe to enter.


6. Low Water Pressure

Abnormal water pressure in one area of the house could be a sign of a clog. But faulty water pressure throughout your home signifies a more serious problem. Keep in mind that regular plumbing inspections could save you time, money, and frustration in the future.


Regardless, it's best to call your local plumbing services in Prince George and let the experts handle the problem.


7. Clogged Sewer Line

Signs of a clogged sewer line include frequent drain clogs, water pools, and gurgling noises. A clogged sewer line can cause a sewage backup, which is both very dangerous and unhygienic. 

If you think your home's sewer line is clogged, call the experts. Professional plumbers have the tools and expertise to identify the issue and repair the clog safely.


8. No Hot Water

A cold shower is more than frustrating. It is also a sign your plumbing system may need immediate repair.

Water heater problems stem from leaks, clogs, corrosion, or damaged heating elements. Whatever the case, let a professional handle it. A plumber can quickly determine if the water heater can be repaired or if it's time for a replacement.


9. Drain Flies

Drain flies resemble fruit flies. These tiny insects appear when there is stagnant water due to slow drainage. If you spot drain flies, there is a clog somewhere in your plumbing system.

Call a plumber to inspect your drain lines. Once the clog disappears, so should the flies.


10. Rattling Pipes

Pipes should not be heard. If you notice rattling noises coming from your plumbing system in Prince George, reach out to the plumbing expert right away. There are numerous reasons for rattling pipes, and a certified plumber can find and fix whatever is causing the noise.


Reach Out to Plumbing Experts in Prince George

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