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As we head into the fall and winter months, having a furnace that is running efficiently and effectively is even more important. That’s why we at Canuck Mechanical is available around the clock to help restore comfort to your home with a furnace repair. Prince George homeowners and businesses have long relied on Canuck Mechanical’s speed of service, honest rates, and the ability to get the job done right the first time.


Even the highest quality furnaces, over time, will have one or more components fail. This is true for both electric and gas furnaces. Before we complete any type of repair, we will inform you of the cause of your furnace’s failure and what the cost will be to fix it. While some repairs are relatively inexpensive, other types may signal deeper issues and a replacement may be in your best interest.


If your furnace is putting our little to no heat or not even switching on, it’s time to call in the experts. Canuck Mechanical offers Prince George and area residents furnace repair, installation, maintenance, and related services. If you need help with a new installation, preventative maintenance, or furnace repair in Prince George, call us any time!

The Parts that Fail Most in Furnaces (and Why)

When you pull back the cover of your furnace it may look like there’s a lot going on, and there is. The good news is of all those parts, there are only about a dozen components that go into making your furnace work. But, they are all absolutely essential. While most components do their part in producing and distributing heat, others are solely dedicated to the safety of your family and home. While it may be a hassle to call in a technician, there’s often a good reason why your furnace has shut down and you should have a professional take a look before tinkering yourself. Before you call out a furnace repair technician, be sure to check that your gas service is on and/or that your propane tank has adequate pressure.

So what components of your furnace fail the most and why? Read on to find out:


1) The Ignitor — When you look into a properly functioning furnace, the ignitor is the part that glows red as electricity passes through it to heat up the metal. The constant heating and cooling of this part makes it one of the most common parts we replace. An ignitor can easily short out due to debris, dirt, and even insect interference. Or, it can also be something as simple as the ignitor reaching its functional lifespan after years of countless on/off cycles.

2) Pilot Light — While the part itself may not fail since it has no moving parts, pilot lights will eventually become clogged with ash and soot if regular maintenance is not performed. Save yourself the chill of winter and the cost of an unnecessary repair by scheduling regular maintenance on your gas furnace.

3) Power Vent Motor — Power vent motors often fail since they are subjected to high temperatures radiating from the flue gas. While all furnaces have the same aim — to heat your home — some furnaces are simply not up to par with today’s manufacturing practices. Before you purchase a new furnace, we would be more than happy to recommend a unit that is designed to last.

24-Hour Emergency Furnace Repair for the Prince George Area


Prince George winters can be frosty and having a working furnace is key to making it through. It’s never pleasant to wake up and discover your furnace has quit in the middle of the night. When you call Canuck Mechanical, you can count on reliably fast service to anywhere in the Prince George area.


We offer 24-hour emergency furnace repairs to Prince George and neighbouring cities. While most homeowners may not see a pattern, the majority of furnaces fail during the late evening or early morning hours when heat production is at its highest output. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency furnace repair - whether it’s a holiday, early in the morning, or late at night, our heating contractors will be there to help you back to cozy in no time.

4) Gas Valve — When a flame is not visible in the burner manifold, many homeowners mistakenly assume the gas burner is to blame and try to relight it manually. You should never try to relight your burner by hand. The more likely scenario is a gas valve, gas regulator, or solenoid valve failure, which will cause your furnace to cut off gas to the burner.

5) Blower and Induced Draft Motors — Blowers and induced draft motors operate for a vast majority of the day, making them among the most common items we replace in furnaces. Some of the signs of a bad blower or induced draft motor may be an unusual burning smell, or your furnace repeatedly tripping the circuit breaker.

That last point leads us to an unofficial sixth item in our list — bad installers; if the quoted installation cost sounds too good to be true, the installer is either not fully qualified or cutting corners somewhere. While you may be able to stand the ensuing noisiness of a furnace installed in a hurry, this isn’t even the worst part. Your furnace will create excessive friction, reduce your indoor comfort, increase your energy costs, and cause an unnecessary repair in the no-so-distant future. Quality in, quality out is the way to go — always make sure your installer is fully qualified to do the job!

Although we mentioned some of the more common parts that fail on a furnace, many of these can be prevented with proper maintenance from a licensed professional such as Canuck Mechanical.



Request a Furnace Repair in Prince George


Is your furnace not putting out heat? Call Canuck Mechanical for a furnace repair in Prince George or any of the surrounding areas.


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