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Really are the Best

These people really are the best, and will come in the dead of the night at 40 below, I truly appreciate them.

Bonnie D.

True Professionalism


Our hot water heater died, and with great dread, I picked a plumber out of the Yellow Pages. Turns out I picked the best I could have possibly chosen and would highly recommend Canuck Mechanical to anyone that needs plumbing done. Totally professional, absolutely impeccable workmanship, I am impressed!


Satisfied Customer

5 stars over a mobile

Above and Beyond

Customer service means providing a service for your customer, not running away when you see them coming, not hanging up the phone when they call your department, but actually providing useful help.

Thank you Canuck Mechanical. Not only is your name awesome, but you erased my growing scepticism that good customer service was left at the door when we entered the new millennium. Daniel, you deserve a raise. Thanks again.

Mark V.

Great Service

Great service and prompt always and very professional. Will always call you first, you're the best. Always recommend you to friends.

Fran T.

Exceptional Results

Well, that was a totally positive experience! I went from dread to elation and am going to recommend you to anyone and everyone that I can. You are a bright spot in Prince George, that’s for sure!

Pat V.

Highly Recommend This Company

J T was thorough and professional. He took the time to identify issues, answered my questions, explained what needed to be done, and made recommendations for future, all of which was very much appreciated. We will continue to use Canuck Mechanical Ltd. in the future and highly recommend this company.

Chris E.

Excellent Company

Received same-day service! Excellent company! Would highly recommend!

Kim P

The Furnace Works Great

These guys just replaced my furnace which (go figure) broke down when I needed it most. They worked late into the night to finish the job, because they were so busy the next day. The furnace works great, and the price was surprisingly low. Thanks guys.

Andrew M

I Will Always Call Them

Great service! And I will always call them and recommend them to friends.

Fran T

Outstanding Service

Absolutely outstanding service! We are using Canuck for a current renovation for heating, plumbing and gas lines. Without exception, all of the service people have gone above and beyond in helping us get our project done as fast and efficiently as possible. Very professional, extremely nice! And I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.

Cindy W

Fast and Excellent Service

They were able to help me the same day when my furnace had issues. Fast and excellent service!

Joe M

Professional Staff

Very helpful and professional staff that provided great advice and service! Thank you. I would highly recommend.

Gary P

Qualified Workers

Great service and qualified workers looking to help!

Carl Y

Jobs Well Done

I dealt with Canuck Mechanical twice this week for 2 separate unexpected plumbing issues. Both were quickly and professionally handled and the jobs well done.

Jen S

Great Service and Prices

Great service and prices, and easy to deal with! Called them to take a look at some leaks, and they were quick to come and repair, and as of today we didn't hesitate to call them for a second job on another matter.

Damon W

Kindness and Consideration

Called Saturday morning; three days before Christmas, our furnace had stopped working. Kevin whom I called, suggested a few troubleshooting ideas over the phone; he said if one of them worked it would save us money. One of them worked! Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration. Merry Christmas.

Annie A

We Are Very Happy

James and his helpers did a great job reorganizing and cleaning up the plumbing etc. in the mechanical room. We are very happy with how it all turned out!

Elan R

Diagnosed and Repaired by Phone

Thank you Pat for helping me over the phone. No one else on-site could figure out the problem that you diagnosed and repaired on phone.

Jamie F

Good People

Good People!! Merry Christmas!!!

Bill B

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