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Reliable Water Heaters In Prince George

Living in a place where wintertime temperatures hardly rise above freezing really makes you appreciate the value of a dependable hot water heater. Not only does your hot water heater deliver a hot, eye-opening shower each morning, but they’re also there for you when you do the laundry, wash your hands, run the dishwasher, and all those other tasks you complete throughout the week. Most likely, you only stop to think about hot your water heater when something goes wrong. This also means you’re not thinking about how much money could be going down the drain by using an inefficient water heater. If you are facing problems with your present hot water tank and are looking for a quality water heater in Prince George, count on Canuck Mechanical Ltd.


When it comes to selecting reliable, energy-efficient water heaters, Prince George has a great option with Canuck Mechanical. Since 1983, our heating contractors have been saving homeowners a bundle of money — and not just by installing the latest energy-efficient water heaters; Prince George homeowners also save by having a water heater that is installed correctly. If your water heater isn’t installed by a qualified technician, you may also be putting your family’s safety at risk.

Get it done right the first time — call Canuck Mechanical to learn about selection of energy-efficient water heaters and request a professional installation. 

Should I Choose a Gas, Propane, or Electric Water Heater?

One item to point out right away: if you have a natural gas hookup in your home, it’s probably a good idea to go with a gas water heater. While the upfront cost of a gas water heater may be more than an electric unit, you will most likely make up the difference in as little as a year.

Then there are propane water heaters. While propane’s cost per unit may be higher, don’t let that sway your decision. Propane puts out more thermal energy (as measured in BTUs) than natural gas, so the fuel cost of propane and natural gas are relatively the same.

Looking at in-floor radiant heating? There are even integrated in-floor heating and water heating systems available to help you get the most out of your whole-home comfort.


What about Tankless Water Heaters?

If you use less than 150 litres (40 gallons) of hot water each day, a tankless water heater may be your best option. Tankless water heaters typically operate 25-35% more efficiently than traditional, tank-based water heaters. Yet, today’s tank-based water heaters are nearly as efficient as tankless water heaters. So that is one point to consider. While water heaters last 10 years on average, a tankless water heater can last upwards of 20 years, making them fairly solid investment options.


Choosing the Right Water Heater

The “right water heater” is always the water heater that works best for your family’s daily needs. If you occasionally run out of hot water during a shower, you may consider increasing the tank’s capacity the next time you replace your water heater. You also want to find a brand that’s reliable and easy to maintain. For these reasons, Canuck Mechanical recommends and installs Bradford White® hot water heaters, ensuring you get the most value out of your purchase.

Bradford White® water heaters have been ranked as some of the safest in the industry, with several studies showing 75% less NOx emissions compared to other brands. Our heating contractors also prefer Bradford White® water heaters since their magnesium anode rods do an exceptional job of efficiently heating up water in the tank.

And, since Prince George has relatively “soft” water, you can expect to gain several extra years of use out of your Bradford White® unit since there is less scaling in the tank. Although we do recommend regular maintenance to keep your water heater operating efficiently, extend its functional lifespan, and to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

• Why does my water heater give less hot water?
If your water heater is giving less hot water, it might be time for some repairs. The reason for this problem could be your heater could have a broken dip tube which prevents cold and warm water from mixing. Another possible reason can be the failure of the lower heating element in your water heater.

• Which is the best water heater for me?
There are several options available when it comes to water heaters in the market today. The important factor to consider while purchasing your appliance is the space and budget.


Ask Us About Water Heaters

To learn more about the numerous options available in water heaters to Prince George homeowners, call Canuck Mechanical! Since 1983, our heating contractors have been the go-to experts for water heater installations, troubleshooting, repairs, and regular maintenance. We work with all types of water heaters, including natural gas, propane, electric units, and tankless water heaters.

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