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sink pipe maintenance

Analysts predict that from 2019 to 2028, there will be 9,300 job openings for soon-to-be plumbers in Canada—a profession that will never go extinct. Everybody is bound to have plumbing problems at some point in their lives. 

What many don't know, though, is that they have more control over preventing these issues than they realize. Keep on reading to learn about some of the most common plumbing maintenance mistakes and how you can avoid them.


1. Using Drain Cleaner Too Often

Having a clogged drain can be quite annoying, and when this happens, most people turn to drain cleaners as their solution. However, this product often contains harsh chemicals that can damage your metal or PVC pipes if you overuse them. 

As an alternative, you can mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar and send it down the drain. Just as you would with drain cleaner, wait about an hour before pouring boiling water down the drain. You can also use a plumber's snake or a p-trap to get the gunk out of your sink. 


2. Forgetting to Turn off Your Outdoor Water Supply

You might want to put a reminder on your calendar to turn off your outdoor water supply when the cooler air arrives in Prince George. When water starts to freeze, it expands, potentially causing your pipes and hose to burst and split. Unfortunately, this could damage the inside of your house. 

When you take your hose off the spout for the winter, make sure that there isn't any water left in it. After, turn off your water using the shutoff valve in your home.


3.  Conducting Plumbing Maintenance Without Proper Tools

There are some projects that people can do without hiring a professional—like replacing a showerhead. For plumbing issues that require making significant adjustments to your home, don't hesitate to find a professional. Even though you think a DIY approach will cut your expenses, making a mistake that only a plumber can fix or purchasing the wrong tools could end up costing you more. 


4. Overtightening Bolts, Nuts, and Fittings

While you want your appliances to be secure, you don't want to overcompensate by making them too tight. If there's too much pressure between the pipes, they could crack and burst.

Overtightening can also make it difficult to remove bolts and fittings, which can be a problem when you need to fix the pipes again. Sometimes, the manufacturer will include the number of turns past finr-tighget in the instructions in order to properly install your appliance. Otherwise, tighten until the toilet or the sink faucet feels secure.  


5.  Keeping Water on After Pipes Burst

One of the easiest plumbing mistakes to avoid is not turning off your water when you notice that your pipes are leaking. By flipping the switch on your shutoff valve, you will save them from completely getting destroyed and prevent your house from flooding.


Need Help Tackling Your Plumbing Problems? 

Now that you know how to avoid these common plumbing maintenance issues, perhaps you've realized you've got a problem you can't solve alone. If you live in Prince George, contact Canuck Mechanical Ltd today for an estimate. Thanks to our 24/7 emergency service, you can reach us whenever, and we'll take care of all your plumbing repairs. 


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