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Furnace Repairs in Prince George | Canuck Mechanical

There’s nothing quite like a broken furnace in the dead of winter to put a chill on your day. Don’t get left out in the cold! Make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape before the cold weather hits.

Let’s take a look at five signs your furnace in Prince George needs servicing or replacement:

1. Rising heating bill. It’s normal for your heating bills to increase incrementally over the years with inflation. But have you experienced sudden jumps in heating costs from one year to the next? This could be a sign your furnace’s efficiency is dropping as internal parts wear out with age.

2. Age. There are two reasons you should consider replacing your furnace if it is over 15 years old. First, the average life-expectancy of furnaces in Prince George is 18 years. If yours is getting near that age, you’re much better off shopping for a replacement now rather than doing it in a panic after it’s quit on you during a January cold snap! Second, you will save big on heating costs. Today’s Energy Star furnaces are far more efficient than your old one.

3. Carbon monoxide can kill. Is your furnace’s flame burning yellow instead of blue? This could mean carbon monoxide production. Other tell-tale signs include; rust on flue pipes and connectors, excess moisture on cool surfaces in the house and soot marks around the furnace. A cracked heat exchanger in your furnace can also release carbon monoxide into your home. Regardless of the condition of your furnace, your home should be equipped with a CO detector! If you suspect a CO leak in your home, leave immediately and call your gas company and an HVAC specialist.

4. Increasing number of service calls. Has your furnace in Prince George required more repairs than usual over the last couple of years? This is a sure sign its life cycle is nearing an end. How about parts? Is it taking longer and longer for your repairman to get parts?—another sign your furnace is seriously outdated and in need of replacement.

5. Strange noises. If your furnace has been banging, popping, squealing or rattling of late, it’s time to get it serviced. Or maybe the blower turns on and off frequently or blows cold air at times? Another sign servicing your furnace should be first on your cold season to-do list.

Are you in need of furnace repairs, maintenance or replacement in Prince George? Call us at Canuck Mechanical! We’ve been serving Prince George for over 30 years!

At Canuck Mechanical we’re your go-to furnace repair specialists in Prince George. Contact us today!


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