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Heating and air conditioning maintenance in Prince George British Columbia

The vents responsible for heating and air conditioning your Prince George home or business can build up quite a collection of dust and debris over time. Clean air ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems while promoting a cleaner air environment.


At Canuck Mechanical Ltd., our Prince George heating and air conditioning contractors want to help you keep your heating and air conditioning vents clean and clear. Just follow the step-by-step guide provided below.

Step 1 - Use Paper Towel to Cover Supply Registers

First, track down all of the supply registers in your home or building and cover them up by lifting the registers, covering the vent with one or two pieces, and putting the register back in place. This will keep dust from blowing out of the registers when you move on to step two.

Step 2 - Turn on Your Furnace Fan

Go to your thermostat and shut off your heating and cooling, but turn on the furnace fan. The fan will help move dust and debris out of your vents as you clean. Make sure that you have a furnace filter in place before you do this.

Step 3 - Loosen Up then Dust in Any Accessible Ductwork

Now it's time to go to the accessible ductwork in your home or business and loosen up any dust and debris by tapping on the outside of the ducts with an object such as the handle of a large paintbrush. Most of your exposed ductwork will likely be located in the basement.

Step 4 - Vacuum the Supply Registers

Get a vacuum ready and go back to the supply registers that you covered previously. Lift the register, remove the paper towel, and be ready to catch the dust that may be blowing out. Vacuum as far into the register as you can and use a stiff-bristled paintbrush to remove any built-up dust.

Step 5 - Vacuum the Return Registers

Next, bring your vacuum over to your air return registers and begin by vacuuming up the dust that has settled on the grill. Unscrew the grill and vacuum inside of the vent as well, using a stiff-bristled brush to dislodge the dust if needed.

Step 6 - Turn Off the Fan and Replace Furnace Filter

You're all finished cleaning your vents! Now all that's left to do is shut off your furnace fan. Because of all the dust and debris that has been flying around, you may want to consider replacing your furnace filter as well.

Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Prince George

While you may be able to clean the vents yourself, there are many other components of your HVAC system that you should leave to the professionals to look after. The Prince George air conditioning contractors and Prince George heating contractors at Canuck Mechanical Ltd. can provide reliable HVAC repairs and installations for residential and commercial properties.

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive an estimate for our Prince George heating and air conditioning services, just contact Canuck Mechanical Ltd. today.


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