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We are fortunate to enjoy cooler, more comfortable summers as compared to many other cities in British Columbia. But when a heat wave occurs, our energy usage suddenly skyrockets.


Any air-conditioning contractor in Prince George knows that as the humidity starts to rise, homeowners put their sleepy air conditioners through its paces. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can help your air conditioner running better so you can keep cool without breaking the bank.


1. Ensure all cracks between doors, windows and walls are sealed.

If you don’t have a brand new home, chances are the cool air inside is seeping out through worn seals between your doors, windows, and walls. It may also be sneaking out through a poorly insulated attic.


Run your hand along windows and doors. If you feel cold air escaping, caulk around leaky windows and add insulation around doors. Also, although a little costlier at first, reinsulating your attic can save you a bundle year-over-year in cooling and heating costs.


2. Landscape outside to have shade inside.

The most heat that accumulates inside your home comes directly from the sun shining on your roof or through windows. A well thought out landscape can provide enough shade to significantly impact your cooling and heating costs, as well as provide extra privacy and beauty to your home.


3. Maintain your air conditioner and air filters.

A dirty filter greatly reduces your air-conditioner’s efficiency. Check your air filter monthly and change it every three months or as needed. You will need to change it more often if you have pets and other allergens in your home. Once every couple of years, have an air-conditioning contractor in Prince George inspect your system and perform routine maintenance.


4. Set your thermostat lower when you’re not at home.

There’s no sense running your air-conditioner on high if you’re not there. If you have a programmable thermostat, try setting it to 27°C (80°F) while you’re at work and program it to turn down to 25°C (78°F) about an hour before you get home from work.


Thermostat placement also plays a big part in how well your air conditioner works. For example, if you put it on a wall right next to a hot window, your air conditioner will kick on much more often than necessary because it will think the room is warmer than it actually is.


Do you need an air-conditioning contractor in Prince George?

If your air-conditioning unit is due for an inspection or it needs some TLC, you can depend on the plumbing and HVAC contractors at Canuck Mechanical Ltd. Give us a call, send us an email or visit our location to book your appointment today!


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