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Plumber in Prince George British Columbia

In order to ensure health and safety, all plumbing in Prince George needs to conform to the BC plumbing code. There is a chance your plumbing system may not be up to code if you own an older property or if you've tried some DIY plumbing remodels. At Canuck Mechanical Ltd., an emergency plumber in Prince George, our professional plumbers are often called in to ensure that plumbing systms adhere to the code. 

Just what is a plumbing code and why is it so important? Keep reading below.


What is a Plumbing Code?

Plumbing codes were created in order to protect public health and to prevent sewer damage. The BC Plumbing Code provides the minimum requirements that Prince George plumbing installations must adhere to. It is a part of the BC Building Code, which governs how new construction and how building repairs, alterations, and demolitions are to be carried out.

Why Does Plumbing Need to Be Up to Code?

A Prince George plumbing system which is not up to code can pose health and safety concerns for all of a building's residents or employees. Poor plumbing is more likely to result in leaky or burst pipes, causing costly and widespread water damage and creating an ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew.

Older buildings with original plumbing are likely no longer up to code, even if they were when they were originally constructed. The plumbing system of an older building is more likely to have issues such as inadequate drain slopes, improper venting, the lack of proper shut-off valves, and plumbing system components not buried deeply enough underground.

While you don't have to upgrade your plumbing every time the BC Plumbing Code is updated, home and business owners are expected to make sure that their plumbing is up to code before any new plumbing system remodels. If you try to sell your property after an unlicensed handyman installs new plumbing onto an outdated plumbing system, then you may run into trouble along the way.

What Do I Do If I Am Not in Compliance?

Unless there is an immediate safety concern, there is no need to panic if you think that your Prince George plumbing system may not be in compliance with the BC Plumbing Code. You should, however, contact a licensed Prince George emergency plumber as soon as possible to have your system inspected and corrected. Don't start on any renovations or plumbing alterations before making sure that everything is up to code.

Reliable Emergency Plumber in Prince George

You don't have to make it your job to know the ins and outs of the BC Plumbing Code - that's what your Prince George plumbing company is there for. The experienced plumbers at Canuck Mechanical Ltd. are always up-to-date on any changes or additions to the plumbing code. We can inspect your plumbing and make any changes necessary to bring it up to code. If you need an emergency plumber in Prince George, then don't hesitate to contact Canuck Mechanical Ltd. today.


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