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The Importance of Annual Furnace Inspections and Cleanings

More than half of Canadians have a furnace to heat their homes during winter, according to recent statistics. It's important to have a reliable heating system for you and your family to get you through the winter comfortably. Also, choosing the right furnace maintenance team is just as important to avoid unnecessary furnace replacement costs. Routine furnace services in Prince George are of value to your home because they’ll keep your heating system running efficiently. It also saves you money long-term, and extends the life of your furnace. Here's more on the importance of annual furnace maintenance services and furnace cleanings.


A furnace care crew will come into your home and make sure the coils, thermostat, fans, and blowers are all working correctly. Furnace cleanings get rid of dust and debris, this also improves the air quality that you breathe. And if something needs replacing, our furnace maintenance crew will fix it timely and effective. Furnace cleanings make your system efficient in terms of fuel usage, avoiding increased gas or electrical costs, as well as maintaining the temperature in your home consistenty. Investing in furnace maintenance saves you from premature furnace replacement costs.

Saves Money

Regular breakdowns might have you calling for furnace services in Prince George more often! Scheduled proactive annual furnace maintenance can reduce the number of times you call for HVAC services to your house once your heating system becomes compromised. Also, emergency service calls on weekends and at odd hours of the day result in a higher service bill. A system running in optimal shape also saves money on monthly heating bills. According to a Canadian energy analyst, energy costs keep increasing. Put that money to better use for desired home renovations, or even a vacation.


Extend the lifespan of your furnace with maintenance furnace services for your home in Prince George. A furnace that isn’t running optimally will need replacing faster than expected as the system will need to work harder. According to experts, a new furnace may cost as much as $16,000 for your home. Why spend money on a new system if routine HVAC services can keep your system running without a problem? Home maintenance costs can add up, but it is better to invest hundreds of dollars to save thousands.

Peace of Mind

Give yourself the comfort that routine care for your furnace is an important investment. Breakdowns are inconvenient. Moreover, a faulty system can cause a fire in your home. Why take the chance?

Importance of Routine Furnace Services in Prince George

The importance of routine furnace services in Prince George includes maintaining an efficient system, saving you money, and extending the life of your furnace. It also gives you peace of mind. The experts at Canuck Mechanical are your team for routine furnace maintenance services in Prince George. Our professionals will understand the mechanics of your heating system inside and out, and will ensure it runs optimally for long into the future. Hiring us means having a certified red seal journeyman at your home to clean and fix anything wrong with your furnace system.


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