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Heating Your Home in Prince George | Canuck Mechanical

As summer turns to fall, we all know what’s coming. It’s inevitable. Winter will soon be here. But it’s not the snow that we fear in Prince George. It’s our heating bills!

With the rise in heating costs each year, it’s important to find ways to keep your usage cost-efficient, so you don’t end up paying more than you have to.

Here are five ways to save on your heating in Prince George this year.

1. Turn your thermostat down. Put on some warm, fluffy socks and a sweater then turn your heat down to 20°C (68°F). Lowering the temperature just a few degrees can save up to 10% on your heating costs. Also, there’s no sense in heating your home when you’re not there or while sleeping. Lower it a few more degrees and program the heat to turn back up about an hour before you get home or wake up.

2. Adjust your water heater. If you can’t keep the back of your hand under hot running tap water, your water heater is set too high. Turning your water heater down to 50 degrees instead of 60 degrees can save up to five percent on your water-heating costs. It’s also safer if you have kids in the house too.

3. Purchase a heater jacket. It takes a long time for water to heat up, and it uses a lot of energy. If you have an older, inefficient water heater, a water heater jacket is a relatively inexpensive way to help it work more efficiently. You can pick these up at most home improvement stores.

4. Lock your windows. When you lock a window, it presses more firmly against the weather stripping creating a tighter seal than closing it alone. This stops heat from escaping your home and prevents the cold from drifting inside. Also, make sure you inspect windows, doors, and electrical outlets for drafts and reseal them as necessary.

5. Get your furnace serviced. A clean, well-running furnace is an efficient one. And a safer one too! Most furnaces in Prince George have a service plan and service records. Check to see if yours is due for a tune-up. Make sure you check your furnace filter once every three months to see if it needs to be cleaned/changed too.

Do you need your furnace inspected?

  • If your furnace is due for a checkup, contact the heating contractors Prince George trusts at Canuck Mechanical Ltd. We provide our customers with:

  • Furnace sales and installation

  • Service and repairs on most furnace models

  • Radiant heating installation and service

  • Boiler sales, installation, and service

  • Circulating pump sales and service

Contact us today to book an appointment or for a free estimate.


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