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Boilers are one of the most used household appliances. Still, the faults always go unnoticed until they stop working. A boiler breakdown can be most frustrating during winter when warm water is required. Certain failures can also be dangerous to you and your family if the fault is not rectified in time.

If safety issues have turned your boiler to be a liability, it’s important to consider a replacement. You can always approach Canuck Mechanical Ltd for the installation of new boilers. We have a wide range of boilers for you to choose from, and our certified technicians are well experienced in boiler installation, repairs and maintenance.

Let’s discuss the signs that indicate that you need a new boiler for your home.


1. The boiler is emitting carbon monoxide

If the flame of the boiler is yellow, it could be because of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be difficult to detect as it doesn’t have any odour. A boiler should be immediately examined if you notice a yellow flame. Black soot is another indicator of carbon monoxide that’s emitted from the boiler.


2. Energy bills are increasing

If a boiler is inefficient, it can lead to an increase in energy bills. An easy method to see the boiler’s efficiency is checking the rating on its ErP energy label. These labels have a seven-point colour scale that starts from dark green (A-rated) to red (G-rated), the most efficient ones being green.


3. The boiling is leaking

If there are puddles around a boiler, it means that the boiler is leaking. Leaking occurs because the internal parts of the boiler are faulty or disintegrating. Leaks can also cause problems such as rust and corrosion, along with structural damage to your home.


4. The boiler is making funny noises

It’s normal for your boiler to make a noise while firing up, but it shouldn’t be more than a low humming sound. You should be concerned about the clunking, banging and whirring sounds. These could indicate several problems, such as heat pump issues or a broken valve. Or it could also be due to general wear and tear.


 Planning to Install a New Boiler?

Let the professionals at Canuck Mechanical Ltd guide you in selecting a suitable boiler. We will also be happy to talk to you if you have any questions about boilers or want to learn about the boilers we have in our store. We also offer other equipment such as furnaces, water heaters and hot water tanks and provide emergency plumbing services.


Call us to learn more about how we can help you with the installation of boilers.


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