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The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Heating Systems

Lennox heating systems

Heating and cooling systems are an essential part of every building. They are used to maintain a comfortable temperature within a building or home – and can be either automated or controlled manually. There are many different types of heating systems available, so if you are planning on replacing your system, it’s important to know your options.

By understanding the differences between the different types of heating systems, you can make an informed decision before choosing a new system for your home or business.

Here is a guide to the different heating and cooling system types. Keep reading to learn more.

Centralized and Decentralized

Broadly speaking, heating systems can be split into two main categories: centralized and decentralized. Most homes have a centralized system, with one heat source warming the entire house via pipes and vents.

A decentralized system is one where you have your own boiler and several radiators or other heating units in different rooms of the house. Each system heats the area around it, and several systems are needed to warm an entire house.


All centralized heating systems use fuel to generate heat, then distribute it through the home using a network of ducts. What makes furnaces unique is the type of fuel that is used.

Most furnaces use one of these three fuels: electricity, oil, or gas. While oil furnaces are still being used in many homes, gas systems are slowly replacing them as it tends to be a more efficient and cost-saving fuel. Natural gas furnaces are affordable and widely available, which is why most homes use them. However, with rising gas prices, more and more homeowners want to switch to electric furnaces, which are also energy- and cost-efficient, produce less pollution and are easier to control.


Boilers are similar to furnaces, except that they heat water to generate steam, which then heats the home. Boilers often use some of the same power sources as furnaces.

A boiler is quieter than a furnace and is often easier to maintain. Unfortunately, it does cost quite a bit more. Part of this is because boilers are often part of more complex systems.

Choosing the Right Heating System in Prince George

Your heating system is responsible for keeping you safe, warm, and comfortable throughout the year, so the importance of choosing the right one cannot be overstated.

Here, we've discussed some of the common heating systems you can consider. If you live in Prince George, BC, and are in the market for a heating system, Canuck Mechanical Ltd. is there to help. You can learn more about us and what we do by visiting our site.

We can also help you repair furnaces and other equipment, so if your heating system is giving you trouble, call us.


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